Dark Day Price Drop Round 3

Greetings all! I am pleased to announce that Dark Days has seen another price drop but for its Paperback this time.

I always announce price drops and have gotten a lot of questions about why I care so much about them. The main concern behind all the questions deals with the price drop cutting into profits. Many feel that I should want to make the most profit possible. It is true that if the price drops several dollars that my profit may go from $1.25 to $0.50 a copy sold (this is an exaggerated price and just used as an example).

Of course I would like to earn enough so that writing can become a full time position but these are tough times that we are living in. Every dollar saved is needed and if someone is willing to purchase my work so that I can continue to write then I am all for price drops.

If you have purchased, reviewed, or shared any information about Dark Days or any of my work I am extremely grateful for your support. Here’s hoping you have enjoyed them and here’s hoping for many works to come.


Published by dwsaur

Author of Metal Like Me (2019) and Dark Days (2020)