Finally complete

Several years ago I started my on quest to build my ideal office. I have worked multiple jobs since then and did my research while saving. It took some time but piece by piece I got everything that I wanted and yesterday I added the Secret Lab Titan XL chair to finish the office.

I had a custom built computer that had three monitors. This allowed for writing, cross-referencing, and researching without the slightest delay in the process. After my old keyboard, mouse, and mousepad died I invested in Corsair products and added a Corsair headset with stand. I absolutely love my setup .

After buying all the Corsair products one might ask why didn’t I buy their chair? My weight fluctuates greatly and at times its like a blink of an eye and I’m back over 300 lbs. Though I am working at never gaining the weight back I need to make sure that I had something hold me if I were to gain the weight back.

If anyone from Corsair reads this and is willing to make a chair for us big guys and needs a tester than I am free to try it out.



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