I read every review that I get and I don’t take them personally or least try my best not to do so because this post may make it seem like I do. I read the reviews not to get upset but to find what I can do better.

There have been two comments from professional reviewers that I have found interesting. They both revolve around the thought that Maya is not traumatized by what she does and does not show feelings.

My defense: I warn readers up front that Maya is different. Throughout the book one should understand that her mentality is different. Different from who you ask? Any female character you have ever read. My goal with Maya was to give readers something new instead of the same heroine whos needs saving and falls in love without really accomplishing anything on her own.

My questions: If Maya was named Mark would Mark be questioned on if he had feeling or was traumatized? Why is it that our female characters are supposed to show traits associated with weakness? Why do they have to be figure heads of the movement only to be seen instead of the solider on the ground fighting for what they believe in? Why do female leads have to fall in love? Why can’t a happily ever after exclude a marriage?

The Saga: I believe that if I had romance in it or even more areas in which Maya needs saving then the story would have been picked up by an agent and a larger publisher. However, I stand by my choice in creating a strong female lead and do not regret it.


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Author of Metal Like Me (2019) and Dark Days (2020)