School’s Out

This year marks the 49th anniversary of Alice Cooper’s School’s out and today marks the end of the school year for students.

I know my fellow teachers have mixed opinions about this school year and my role is far different now than in previous year so I didn’t have the same experience as classroom teachers. However, I still saw what you did. It may not go as appreciated as it should but just I know that I do appreciate all you do.

You did what you do every year. You faced a challenge and overcame. Sure, it may not have been as a successful year as it had previously been but you gave it all you had. I used to tell my players that all I ask is that you give it your all. From what I saw you gave all you had and then some.

So cheers on making the best of a difficult situation and enjoy your break

(this post was started on Thursday but got delayed)


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Author of Metal Like Me (2019) and Dark Days (2020)

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