UPDATEAD: A Work In Progress

My very first post is one of my most visited and the information from almost two years ago is outdated so here is a repost of the update.

UPDATE as of 7/26/21 This pages is highly viewed and I am grateful for all who have stopped by but I want to provide an update to this post. This website is no longer a work in progress and fully operational. Please stick around and view the pages for Dark Days, Metal Like Me, and The Last Christmas.

A link to the homepage is below or visit any of the links in the menu above.


This site is a work in progress. It is a combination of my former Saga website and Weebly site for the Children’s books. For the moment, all changes to the site are made by me so it will take some time for me to get it the way I want it. I am new to wordpress so it is taking some adjusting getting used to it. Thank you for your patience.


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