New Review for Dark Days

Dark Days by D.W. Saur is an engaging fantasy novel that follows a strong heroine in her quest to overcome all odds and save her sect. Maya is chosen by Goddess Nantosuelta to participate in the Cluiche, an annual event consisting of a series of mental and physical competitions. As she does so, she hears of a war brewing among the sects and strives to master her powers and unite her clan. The book continues with Maya’s journey to rise as leader of the Leigheasan and save them from imminent peril, all while having to face the deadly Dullahan and his mysterious master.

Author, D.W. Saur, is a highly skilled writer with an incredible ability to make the tried-and-true elements of a fantasy novel (the concept of A Chosen One, a dangerous quest, and a reluctant female protagonist who is often underestimated) his own. Readers will fall in love with and root for Maya, who is a powerful and magnetic character. They will also revel in the wit and humor in the story along with action and adventure sequences, shown by the clever dialogue and fight scenes. Fantasy lovers will savor the tightly-knit plot, rich with words of foreign origin (Gaelic, Swedish, Dutch, etc) and supernatural creatures. This book is only the first volume of D.W. Saur’s YA saga, but its compelling storyline and suspenseful ending will have readers waiting with unbridled excitement for the next instalment. – Review by the Book Excellence Awards


Published by dwsaur

Author of Metal Like Me (2019) and Dark Days (2020)