Dark Days Q&A Part 1

One of the most popular questions that I get asked regarding Dark Days revolves around the challenges in writing the story. There were many but one of the most difficult was also the most fun.

Dark Days does not hold back when it comes to violence and for the most part the deaths and battles are very different. I didn’t want a death in chapter 20 to take the reader back to one in chapter 10. The overall goal is to give reader a different experience from the events not just in my book but separating from other works. Achieving this took some note taking and cross-referencing what I wrote.

There is no secret to it. Use different weapons and abilities and don’t use the same motions. Do some research of the era your writing resembles to find out what weapons were used. If you don’t like what you find then use your imagination. It’s your world and your rules. Have fun with it.


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Author of Metal Like Me (2019) and Dark Days (2020)