Query Time

This past month I have been working on sending queries to agents and publishers for several works. It is a long and time consuming process that I hope is going to pay off.

The three big ones that I am working on are the sequels to Metal Like Me and Dark Days. I believe that Metal Like Me’s sequel is going to be the most difficult. The best sellers in the bully categories are independently published and there are just few companies that want to publish books on the issue. However, I am going to submit to all that I can find.

The other work that I am focusing on is the The Untold: Stories from World War II. I love this story and and am so proud of it. This is huge for me to say because I rarely pat myself on the back. My editor gave me the confidence to turn The Untold into a series and I have decided to do that. I am plotting for the follow up now.

I am back in the all familiar position of where time will tell. I will keep everyone posted as the process unfolds so wish me luck.


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Author of Metal Like Me (2019) and Dark Days (2020)