Simpsons Analyst

So I took a long shot and applied to be a Simpsons analyst sponsored by Platin Casino. I know there will be hundreds of thousands of applicants so the odds of me getting accepted will be slim but its worth a try.

Growing up I wasn’t allowed to watch The Simpsons. Bart’s attitude created a lot of controversy at the time amongst religious homes and mine was no exception. It took a few years but around the mid 90s I was able to start watching and was hooked.

I am not one who celebrates my birthday and wouldn’t tell friends or family what I wanted. I always felt guilty when people spent money on me so my friends and family started to buy me Simpsons figures and other items. My collection is not small but I am sure not even close to the largest. The collection has action figures, watches, games, shot glasses, and more. I’ve never opened the figures with the exception of a couple that are so old that the glue has worn off. I once knew the episodes so well that my friends would come to school with a trivia question to try to stump me. They never could.

This position does have some perks. A nice stipend and a weekly supply of doughnuts but it goes beyond that. Though it may not be affiliated with the show, this is a chance to be part of The Simpsons history that I wouldn’t otherwise get.

Here’s hoping I will get a shot.


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