Disclosure: I am not endorsed, getting paid, or receiving any benefits from Rode.

I am new to this whole podcasting venture but I must say that Rode’s Podcaster Pro has made jumping into podcasting a piece of cake. I did a couple episodes as a test and got some feedback from the listeners. Some light background noise and a bit of static were present. They stated that this did not take away from the quality but it was something I wanted to fix so I went to YouTube.

The Rode channel had the solution and I was able to easily get the audio settings adjusted. This was not difficult to adjust but it is time-consuming, which is not a problem. I would much rather spend 20 minutes making adjustments than not presenting the best quality of a product.

I did a lot of researching for what system to buy for a newbie podcaster and Rode products came at either the top of every list or were in the top five. The reviews did not lie and I have found Rode’s ease of use and the quality is second to none. Granted, I don’t have much to compare it to because I was previously using a gaming headset as my mic. The difference between the two is like using dial-up internet compared fiber optic. If you are considering doing a podcast then I highly encourage you to check out Rode.

I am currently using RØDE – PodMic and RØDE – RODECaster Pro – Black.

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