Teacher Certification

Many don’t realize that in order to be a teacher you have to renew your license. In my state, it used to be every five years but thankfully they have changed it to every ten years. The only problem is that one needs 270 points instead of 180. Though that seems like a good deal considering it’s not double the points, getting all the points necessary is a bit of a pain.

There are a variety of ways to get the points but they tend to be time-consuming and a lot of work for a minimum amount of points. For example, I will be sitting in front of my computer from 9-3 today with two 15 minute breaks and a 45-minute lunch to only earn 5 credits. Some may say that’s fair and I am just complaining. I do agree with you on the second part.

I am complaining. I would rather not spend most of my Saturday participating in a conference but these are the things that teachers have to do in addition to the work Monday-Friday. Of course, much of the work carries over to the weekend. Grading and lesson plans tend to come home with teachers on the weekends but many have to give up their time for conferences like these. Now I could take a Master’s level course and earn 45 points (I believe that is still the points given) but I am tired of taking courses. I have earned two Master’s degrees already and am burnt out of taking courses.

My first session is about to start so thanks for reading my vent while I wanted. Have a great weekend!


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