Writing Advice Part II

“I want to write but I don’t know what to write. What should I write?” This is a statement and question that I hear a lot. My response is simple: I can’t answer that for you.

I believe that writing is personal and you’re only going to finish what you start if you are interested in the topic. I like fantasy but you may not. I write stories on friendships and bullying but you may not be interested in that so I can’t tell you what to write.

I wrote Dark Days because I was tired of how female characters were depicted in movies, television, and books. I was tired of reading the works that had a strong female lead but they fell in love and became a side character as a result. I wanted to make a brilliant female warrior who didn’t need love or a horde of male sidekicks to save her.

The examples go on but the point is to find something you’re interested in or something you don’t like in mainstream media and make your own story.


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Author of Metal Like Me (2019) and Dark Days (2020)