Writing Advice Part III

My writing advice only intended to be 2 parts but I had a chat with a good buddy about writing and thought I would share what we talked about. He is an avid reader and in his spare time lately, he has been thinking about writing and podcasting. I immediately told him to start. We have had enough chats over the past few years to know that he would be great with all this.

As we were chatting I shared some of the things I used with podcasting, website, and so on. I think I shared a bit too much because one of his comments was that “I am miles ahead of him.” Though what I shared may have been overwhelming, my cheesy response was “we are on the same road where miles don’t matter.”

To him, I seem like miles ahead but that’s because I’ve been working on this for a few years now and have learned a lot along the way. He may not see it this way but he has taken the steps to be an author and podcaster just by starting to plan. Yes, I have 4 books out but what if he writes a best-seller that launches his career? Then one can say he has now sped miles ahead of me. We authors, especially those independent, should not compare ourselves to others.

Too often are we comparing ourselves to the success of other works or authors. I can honestly say that I am guilty of this as well and too often does this thought come into my mind. This field is tough, intimidating, difficult to break into, and frustrating. However, it can be the most rewarding field even without the success like that of King or Rowling.

For example, Dark Days is in the library of the high school I work at. A student told me that he finished it and highly enjoyed it. He also said it was the only book he’s read all year and wants the sequel. I was thrilled when I heard this because that’s the success that we want as authors. We want people to read, enjoy, and demand more.

When we judge ourselves by the success of others we are taking the joy out of what we do. When we compare ourselves to others then we can convince ourselves not to try.

So my point is to start, not worry about the success of others, fret not at how much someone has, and use your author friends for advice, tips, and tricks to help you on your road. You got this.


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Author of Metal Like Me (2019) and Dark Days (2020)