Panic At My Computer

I have always been a fan of all things Google-related but tragedy struck recently when downloading one of my books to word. Typically there are just slight formatting errors but nothing that won’t take more than just a few moments to fix.

However, when I downloaded one of my 400+ page books the conversion was terrible. Every line was its own heading, spelling errors out the wazoo, spacing issues, and much more. Now This version has been through my edits and one round of professional edits. I also had used Grammarly and Word’s spell check after I completed the first round of professional edits.

It would be expected to see errors from Grammarly and some from Word even after edits. However, these errors were so numerous that the document looks as though it was never edited. I tried to clear the formatting but Word was not responsive. I tried to find solutions but nothing worked so I did the only thing that I knew left to do.

I had to copy the entire document and paste it as plain text in a blank doc. This corrected the heading problem but was thousands of more problems to fix. I spent too many hours just fixing the headings and spacing issues. Now I have the grammar part to do and then I have to cross-reference my editor’s corrections to make sure the document is good to go for the second round.

It will be a long road ahead to get this ready once more for the second round.


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Author of Metal Like Me (2019) and Dark Days (2020)