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I have struggled with the idea of doing some type of fundraising but I’ve decided to go ahead and start a Go Fund Me out of needing help continuing my fantasy saga. My second job allowed me to finance all aspects of Dark Days but I’ve had to quit due to health reasons. My primary job in public education does not easily allow me to publish independently. So, this is where Go Fund Me comes into play.

I’ve set a goal of $30,000. This goal will allow me to publish books 2, 3, and 4 of the saga. As of now, the books would only be released as an eBook and paperback. This goal does not allow for the publishing of a hardcover or audiobook. Publishing independently and fundraising should allow me to control the prices more so than what I have been able to if I traditionally publish.

For example, what I would like to do is a launch day promotion where the eBook is free. I would also like to set the price of the paperback as low as I can so that it will be affordable for the masses. Now please keep in mind that these are things that I would like to do but I am not certain if I can. I’m new to the independent author process so these are ideas I would like to pursue as a thank you to those who have helped me.

I know times are tough and if I could keep working my second job to finance the saga I would. When it comes to something like this a little can go a long way. $2.99 can help tremendously so no amount is too small and all given is appreciated.

I also believe that if you take a moment to read Dark Days then you will be hooked and want to see the adventure continue. Dark Days is $0.99 cents for Apple Books, Kindle, and Nook and it is $1.99 on Kobo. I encourage you to give Dark Days a shot and see if this is a cause you would like to donate to.

Ideal Timeline: Book 2- late fall/winter 2023. Book 3- late fall/winter 2024. Book 5- summer 2025. Book 6- fall 2026.

If I can get over $30,000 then there are some things that could be possible for the saga:

Books 5 and 6

Maps of the Land

Side Stories: In books 1-3 I have gotten close to a dozen ideas for side stories. These dozen ideas may not be novels themselves but could be compilation novellas. One story does include a book on the animals and creatures of Sori that would be almost like an encyclopedia-style book. However, this would involve commissioning drawings which would be pricy.

Audiobooks (this is expensive to pursue but I would like to)

Lastly, I thank you for your time and donation if you were able to provide. If you are unable to donate but would like to help then please share. Simply spreading the word to those you know who like fantasy or those who love strong female leads is just as important as a donation or purchase.

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