Movie Review: Scream 5

I’ve never been a big fan of going to the movies for the simple fact that it is ridiculously expensive. Why spend $12-15 on a single ticket to see the movie once? I would rather spend $20 to add the movie to my collection and see it multiple times. This is also so that I re-watch and get a better opinion. With that said, I never went to see Scream 5 when it was released.

I heard great things and I am a fan of the franchise. Not to mention that I own the other 4 movies and it would have bugged me to not add the 5th to the collection. With high hopes, I added Scream 5 to the collection. However, this somewhat happy disposition changed after seeing the movie.

I will not give any spoilers away but essentially I thought this movie was too Scbooy-Doo or even 3 Stooges-like. Too many scenes were downright silly and several of the death scenes did not make sense when the killers were unveiled. I had high hopes for the movie but it failed to live up to them.

I hate to say this but I hope this is the official end to Scream.


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