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How do I convince you? I could speak for days about this book but here’s what the reviewers are saying.

Author D. W. Saur has crafted an excellent fantasy novel that delivers on so many fronts and is unique to the genre in giving its female protagonist a powerful mission with no romantic subplots or distractions. What results is a compelling tale of independence, fighting spirit, and self-discovery, which is only enhanced by the author’s excellent commitment to character and worldbuilding. I found Sori to be exceedingly well described and I fell in love with the beliefs and culture of the unique people there. The speech and thought presentation in the novel gives us a great view of Maya, her outer power, and her inner struggles, endearing her to us as the novel progresses and the plot rockets towards its exciting conclusions. Overall, I would highly recommend Dark Days for mature YA fans and adults seeking compelling fantasy fiction at its best.Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

“An impressive first installment with a remarkable,series-worthy heroine.” – Kirkus Review

Dark Days plunges readers into the depths of a complex dark fantasy world that begs to be explored. D.W. Saur sets up intriguing characters that face some enormous challenges, but watching them overcome them is half the fun of this adventure novel.Literary Titan

Like The Hunger Games and Earth’s Children, Dark Days follows the adventures of an young heroine armed with intelligence, pluck, and extraordinary talents. YA readers will recognize Maya as an exemplar of Girl Power Lit. -Booklife

Published by dwsaur

Author of Metal Like Me (2019) and Dark Days (2020)