Dark Days Reviews

Some more reviews have come in for Dark Days and I couldn’t be more pleased. Below are some simpets of the reviews.

Amazon Reviewer: “I believe this is a great story, an amazing fantasy debut for Saur, and is well worth the read. The world and characters are fascinating, and I can see how foundations laid in this novel might be built upon in future additions to the saga. I look forward to seeing what challenges lie in wait for Maya!”

Amazon Reviewer: “What a fun escape! In a short span of time, Saur creates an engaging sci-fi/medieval world, conflict and heroine. Sometimes I wish there was more time to develop all of the relationships but it was also refreshing to get in to an “epic” story without being bogged down. Have fun!”

Instagram reviewer: “If you, or anyone you know, likes ya sci-fi/fantasy this is a great book that I recommend, especially to young girls, because the main character Maya, kicks ass unapologetically (the best kind 😁). Happy reading!!!”

Published by dwsaur

Author of Metal Like Me (2019) and Dark Days (2020)