Update on Me

Up until this past month I’m been doing about a post a week. I’m supposed to have an eye catching blog that shows my life and lets you get to know me better. Honestly my life isn’t that exciting at the moment. It really has been consumed with work and writing.

For almost 5 years I worked a second job but I had to give it up ten months ago. I thought that I would be able to get a ton done without a second job and to be fair I have. I’ve put out another book, made edits on another, wrote a children’s book, almost finish another novella, wrote several podcast episodes, and the list goes on. However, going places as an educator isn’t easy. I’ve got to save and plan for trips so that’s a big reason why I don’t post trips. I take them once in a blue moon.

For the past two months(ish) I’ve been working on a project and it is currently in the 2nd phase and I am still working on completing it. If I get to go one to phase 3 then I will have some big news to share. I have managed to keep up with social media but that’s been extremely time consuming.

I’ve get several more posts to come after this but I want to say thanks for all those who read this and continue to support me.


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