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It’s extremely difficult to find credible reviewers as Indie or Small Press authors. There are so many out there promising this and that but who can you trust? I myself sought the service of a reviewer who followed through with some things but failed to do so with others. Much of what we do is trial and error or live and learn. I can honestly say that I’ve learned a lot in my writing journey and am always happy to give recommendations or advice when asked.

I was recently asked about reviewers and there’s currently only one person that I recommend and it’s @chapterswithchan . As the conversation went on I was asked, “how do you know her” and “why do I recommend her?” I met Chandler about six years ago at the school we were both working for at the time. We’ve both moved on but have kept in touch since. She’s read several of my works and has always provided me with top-notch feedback and ways I can improve.

Her reviews are always well done and you can tell that she’s doing it because loves it. When it comes to pricing, I won’t go into details because that’s between her and the clients. However, compared to what I’ve dealt with she’s extremely fair. In addition to all that’s been said, I recommend Chandler because she’s someone I trust. There are so many out there that want to scam us by not delivering on any promises or only doing part of what they’ve agreed to do. I know that Chandler will follow through with what she says she’s going to do.

I also asked Chandler a couple of questions so check out the answers below. I highly encourage you to go follow her on IG @chapterswithchan and reach out if you’re in need/want a reviewer who delivers on their word.

Q: What inspired you to start reviewing?

Chandler: I started getting back into reading when the pandemic hit when life started to feel a bit lonely. After I finished a book, I would post about it on my Instagram stories. After a while, my friends started reaching out telling me it would be easier for them to go through the books I recommend if I did posts on them. Finally, I started a bookstagram and fell in love with the bookish community. Reading is such a wonderful escape and I love supporting authors. 

Q: Can you describe the services that you offer?

Chandler: After I read the books, I will post the reviews on Instagram, Goodreads, and Amazon. Physical copies as well as ebooks are both welcome. If I receive a physical copy, I would be happy to also create a reel to help get more views. 

Q: What genres are you looking to read?

Chandler: I  love to read romance, fantasy, thrillers, mysteries, young adult, and historical fiction. Usually, if I am reading historical fiction I do prefer to have a little bit of a love story somewhere in there. 

Q: What book would you recommend everyone to read and why? 

Chandler: This is such a good question. There are so many books I would recommend but they would not necessarily be everyone’s cup of tea. One book I will always recommend to everyone is Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom. This is such a heartfelt story that just was a beautiful read. It is one of those books that always show up on the shelves at Goodwill, and I always have an extra copy to give to a friend! 

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