A Shout Out To My Canadian Readers

I got to give my thanks to my Canadian readers. Over the course of this week, Dark Days saw its largest spike in readers since its release two years ago! Your support means the world to me and is the reason why I’m able to continue to write. I hope you enjoy Maya’s adventure!

If you’re not from Canada and reading this then know I greatly appreciate your support as well. This site gets views from all over the world and I owe everyone my thanks for stopping by here, reading, reviewing, sharing, and doing anything else to help me out.

The last shout-out is a very special thank you to author Lanie Mores. Her support of my writing journey has been absolutely phenomenal and I’m beyond grateful. If you’re on Instagram be sure to follow @laniemores and check out her work on Amazon. She got me hooked on her Father of Contention series and I’ll know you’ll feel the same way.


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