2 Post Day: Part II- A Child’s Dream

This may not be the best blog in the world because I don’t really have a lot to talk about besides writing and my books. I was told to make this personal and share what I do in my free time, which is limited and dominated by writing or planning what to write.

On occasions, I do get to take a vacation and a weekend guy’s trip. This year I took a quick spring break trip to Florida and while there I went to Hollywood Studios. Some may seem it to be a bit silly to be an adult and love going to Disney, but I never went as a kid.

As a kid, my dream was to become an animator for Disney. I used to love to draw and some of my first drawings were of Disney characters. My dream quickly came to a halt when I discovered I have no imagination. I can see something and draw it perfectly, but I can’t imagine something and put it on paper. As an adult, I shifted my focus when I realize I could create a world by writing about it better than I could draw it.

So getting to Disney, even as a guest, means something to me. Who knows… maybe one day Disney will bring one of my stories to life and make my dream come true.


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