2 Post Day: Part II- A Child’s Dream

This may not be the best blog in the world because I don’t really have a lot to talk about besides writing and my books. I was told to make this personal and share what I do in my free time, which is limited and dominated by writing or planning what to write. On occasions,Continue reading “2 Post Day: Part II- A Child’s Dream”


I’ve been somewhat inactive with social media and blogging for the most part. I’ve been busy working on a ton of things. This past weekend I spent about 12 hours doing a project for work, did some work on a class I have to take for my job, did a little bit for the authorContinue reading “Changes”

Kobo Part II

It happened a lot sooner than I thought, but I’m not going to turn down good news. All my books are currently available on Kobo so if you’re a Kobo user then check them out. All but Metal Like Me can be read through Kobo Plus. I haven’t found out if they have author pagesContinue reading “Kobo Part II”