Go Fund Me

I have struggled with the idea of doing some type of fundraising but I’ve decided to go ahead and start a Go Fund Me out of needing help continuing my fantasy saga. My second job allowed me to finance all aspects of Dark Days but I’ve had to quit due to health reasons. My primaryContinue reading “Go Fund Me”

Panic At My Computer

I have always been a fan of all things Google-related but tragedy struck recently when downloading one of my books to word. Typically there are just slight formatting errors but nothing that won’t take more than just a few moments to fix. However, when I downloaded one of my 400+ page books the conversion wasContinue reading “Panic At My Computer”

Book Burning Response

I saw a post on a pastor organizing a book-burning event. I do not want to start a religious debate by any means and my point to this post is not to question anyone’s religious beliefs. My reason for the post is to simply pose a question: Am I the only author who is okayContinue reading “Book Burning Response”