Since I have launched this site and social media pages I have met some incredible people and authors. Below is a list of just a few of the people that have been supporters of mine from day one. I am and will be forever grateful to have met them.

Ryan Jones

Ryan is without a doubt one of the most amazing, talented and kind persons that I’ve ever known. She is an author, editor and world-renown bookstagrammer. I am more than lucky that she took me on as a client and highly recommend you to follow or contact about services. Check out the links below for more about Ryan.

Melissa Roberts

Melissa is the closest I will ever come to meeting a saint. She is selfless and willing to do anything for her family and friends. Melissa has been a invaluable supporter of mine to such an extent that I call her my publicist. Sometimes I feel that she spends more time promoting my book than her own. You will find that attached to her long list of amazing attributes is talented author. Her novel Because of You: Chasing Oklahoma is currently out and she is hard at work on the sequel. Check out the links below to follow and find out more.