The Covenant Saga

Welcome to the world of Sori and the journey of a young lass named Maya. She made her debut in the award winning novel Dark Days. The first installment is a fast paced action packed work that has been described as “a thrilling adventure for all ages” and “young adult fiction on steroids

If you want to saga to continue read, review and spread the word. More information about the series can be found in the links below.

The Friendship Series

Currently, there are two books in this series. Just Friends is coming out soon and My Best Friend is complete.

Both works jump between the YA and New Adult categories as far as the age of the characters but they work wonderfully blended together.

Just Friends (coming soon)

My Best Friend (coming soon)

The Untold Series

The Untold is a new adult historical fiction novella series. Each novella will be comprised of at least three short stories that will vary from different points of view.

The first book in the series is completed and undergoing the query process. The entire series will be geared more to the New Adult readers due to the age of the leads but I do believe that these will be works that YA readers will enjoy.

Stories From World War II (Book I coming soon)

Like Me

The ultimate goal of Metal Like Me was to be the start of the Like Me series. It is difficult to say at this point if that well ever come to fruition.

What I can tell you is that I have entered the sequel into a Works In Progress competition. This does not guarantee publication but a chance to chat with professional that could lead to publication.

Metal Like Me

Metal Like Me Homepage