And Break Part II

The break has been much needed and I’ve been hard at work with research, planning, and meetings. On top of that, I’m almost finished with my WIP. It’s been the most I’ve written in one span in months and it feels amazing. Life as a part-time author is crazy, to say the least. There areContinue reading “And Break Part II”

2023 Goals

I’m getting a bit ambitious for this year but I’m excited about what the upcoming year will hold. I’ve been writing and editing my butt off in 2022 but I think I’m ready to take these goals on. Check out the title reveal below. Thank you to all who have supported me in this journey.Continue reading “2023 Goals”

New Goal: New Car

To start this I’m going to let you know that I am not endorsed, sponsored, or receiving any type of benefit for this post. I have been looking at electric vehicles for some time now and have been wanting something with a 500-mile and above range. The problem with this is that most in productionContinue reading “New Goal: New Car”