“Since the dawn of creation there have been stories about creatures of the night. They are said to feast on the living, transform under the full moon, and invoke the dark side to yield immense power. The only difference between the land of Sori and other realms is that these stories aren’t a myth but reality.” ~ excerpt from Origin Story by D. W. Saur

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Winter 2021

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About The Author

D. W. Saur never dreamed of becoming an author but writing quickly became a full time hobby. He spent several years crafting the world of Sori and the realm makes its debut in the first installment of The Covenant Saga titled Dark Days.

Though the saga is his primary work, D. W. is the award winning author of Metal Like Me, a anti-bully children’s story book. In addition to Dark Days and Metal Like Me, he is author to The Last Christmas, a wholesome romance novella about new beginnings.

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I have always stressed the importance of editing and hiring an editor. My editor has been with me for almost two years now, maybe three, but she is amazing. Dark Days wouldn’t have been published if I hadn’t met her but I have some sad news. She is taking a year and a half breakContinue reading “Editing”