Metal Like Me

As a child, Vinny was unaware of his and his family’s difference but, as he got older, Vinny noticed that he was, in fact, not like other children. Because he was a metalhead, Vinny had a hard time making friends in elementary school. This changed as he entered middle school, where Vinny finally found friends who were metal like him. The group did not have an easy time as they were bullied or picked on for much of their first year. Tired of being viewed as different, Vinny came up with a plan to show their classmates that he and his friends weren’t that different. Join Vinny as he shares his story of bullying, difference, coping, and perseverance.

5 star review by Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite

Metal Like Me by D.W. Saur is an adorable story about being different, bullying, coping with differences, self-acceptance, strength, courage, and perseverance. Danielle Green’s illustrations are as charming as the plot and breathe life into the story and characters. This book will encourage children who are facing difficulties at school because of being different to become strong and tackle their problems wisely. The message in the book is good and the author’s approach to it is refreshing and original. Vinny’s character portrayal is real, relatable, and strong. Tutors and parents can use the story to help children accept their differences and get past the struggles of their initial years in a good way.

5 star Review by Literary Titan

Metal Like Me by D. W. Saur is a sweet story about acceptance. The author has lovingly crafted an endearing story that will inspire children to learn about diversity and inclusion. Kids will learn that being unique is a gift and we must all embrace it. It does not matter if others are like us or not, as long as we are comfortable with ourselves and not afraid of showing the world who we are. There is no one thing that defines us and we all have different sides. Children will benefit from the life lesson presented in this story, that if others are not willing to make an effort to get to know us then we must step up and put the effort to know them. That’s how we can celebrate true friendships and meaningful relationships. Metal Like Me approaches the topic of bullying in a unique way that makes it easy for parents and children to start a discussion. I definitely recommend this well written, short and easy to understand book as it will teach children a positive way to identify themselves. The illustrations by Danielle Green are beautifully simple with a rough sketch like illustration that will make it easy for kids to relate to. The fantastic artwork excellently captures the unique voice in this charismatic children’s story.”