D. W. is a proud alumnus of several institutions and holds multiple degrees and certifications. He started his writing career with a primary thought of doing historical works.

Though he enjoys the research process, D. W. quickly found his way into writing fiction as a full time hobby.  Outside of the office, D. W. has been a teacher for almost a decade. Though he loves teaching, D. W.’s ultimate goal is to become a full time writer with works spanning several genres.

    D. W.’s debut children’s book entitled Metal Like Me was released in October of 2019 and more information can be found by going to the Metal Like Me like in the Books menu. It is his hope that Metal Like Me is just the first book in the Like Me series. Additional works spanning different genres are in the making, but  The Covenant Saga is D. W.’s primary focus.

    Over the course of the past five years, D.W. has created the world of Sori and worked on building it into a multi work series. Though many works have been written or outlined, it is difficult to say how many books the series will contain and when it will finish. It is certain that D. W. is going to take you on an epic journey that is sure to keep you guessing and wanting more. 

   Writing and planning the saga takes up most of D. W.’s free time, but D. W. manages to find time to enjoy the little things in life. He is an avid concert goer and some of his favorite shows include seeing the original KISS and Black Sabbath line-ups, Amon Amarth, Tool, Iron Maiden and Alice Cooper. Besides music, D. W. enjoys watching a good movie, hiking, biking and has a goal to travel more.