Dark Days

“Instead of talking about the glory of battle and the amount of kills they would achieve, the Veirlintus and Galenvargs respected the Leigheasan custom of celebrating life. They shared their game and told stories that made them look foolish, brave, and everything in between. Couples danced and embraced each other for what could be the last time. As the Faileas Herimen enjoyed the last of the waning light, a portion of the Duine army was moving into position outside Dún. Instead of a beautiful valley to gaze upon at sunset, the Faileas Herimen looked out to see a sea of soldiers and an alternating series of trebuchets and siege towers.” ~ excerpt from The Great War by D. W. Saur

It has been centuries since The Great War and the four sects of Sori have come to live in relative peace and harmony. Sori’s Caomhnóir judges the occasional crimes in Bala’s markets and the severity of punishments deter the majority from temptation. Besides the crimes committed in Cala’s boundaries, the sects of Sori saw an era of prosperity. 

Though the sects prospered, this euphoric state was not destined to last forever. A dark, almost ghost-like, figure arrives in Sori and begins to upset the balance the land has come to enjoy. The figure plots and manipulates members of the Galenvarg and Veirlintu sects into rebellion. Upon the arrival of the figure, the Goddess Nantosuelta selects a Leigheasan named Maya as her chosen one to eliminate the threat and prevent another Great War.    

To many Leigheasan, Maya was not capable of being a chosen one. She had not completed their rite of passage, was powerless, and isolated herself from those her age. With Nantosuelta’s blessing, Maya begins her quest to find her powers, prevent war, and establish herself as leader among the Leigheasan. 

4 star review from Literary Titan

Dark Days was a compelling read that was consistently entertaining. The book’s ending leaves the reader desiring more as well as wanting to see what happens next. One minor complaint I have is the ending of the book seemed a little rushed. Maya’s strength is inspiring and I admired her ability to not care what others thought of her. It’s a nice change of pace to see such a strong and intelligent female character in a book.

D.W. Saur does an excellent job of developing complex characters such as Maya’s friends Willum and Jeremias. There were times when I wanted to yell at Willum because he wasn’t serious when the stakes were high. This shows the level of attachment I had with the characters and how much I had invested into this epic story line. Maya made some decisions that were a little questionable, and I wish she had been a little more honest with her friends, but I understand where she thought she had no choice. I am still not completely sure who the villain is and am looking forward to finding out in the next book.

Dark Days plunges readers into the depths of a complex dark fantasy world that begs to be explored. D.W. Saur sets up intriguing characters that face some enormous challenges, but watching them overcome them is half the fun of this adventure novel. I look forward to reading the sequel when it comes to fruition.”

5 star review from Readers’ Favorite

Author D. W. Saur has crafted an excellent fantasy novel that delivers on so many fronts and is unique to the genre in giving its female protagonist a powerful mission with no romantic subplots or distractions. What results is a compelling tale of independence, fighting spirit, and self-discovery, which is only enhanced by the author’s excellent commitment to character and worldbuilding. I found Sori to be exceedingly well described and I fell in love with the beliefs and culture of the unique people there. The speech and thought presentation in the novel gives us a great view of Maya, her outer power, and her inner struggles, endearing her to us as the novel progresses and the plot rockets towards its exciting conclusions