Polar Press Announcement

I’ve been sitting on some news for a few months and I’ve been working like heck to get everything up and running before announcing. The time is officially here. You can read the news or watch the IG video below the text. In October, Dark Days will be getting a new publisher. The contract withContinue reading “Polar Press Announcement”

And Break Part II

The break has been much needed and I’ve been hard at work with research, planning, and meetings. On top of that, I’m almost finished with my WIP. It’s been the most I’ve written in one span in months and it feels amazing. Life as a part-time author is crazy, to say the least. There areContinue reading “And Break Part II”

Update on Me

Up until this past month I’m been doing about a post a week. I’m supposed to have an eye catching blog that shows my life and lets you get to know me better. Honestly my life isn’t that exciting at the moment. It really has been consumed with work and writing. For almost 5 yearsContinue reading “Update on Me”